Multi Units
962 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a glance

2 private bedrooms, 962 sq. ft. per unit
Bath with adjacent utility area and storage room
Open concept living, dining, kitchen
Private entrance and sitting porch

Additional Features:

Each side of this 962 sq. ft. duplex consists of two “separated” bedrooms and a open concept Kitchen, dining room and living room to give the feeling of openness. The separated bedrooms are ideal for children visiting Grandparents where easy access to the bathroom and kitchen living area still allows for individual privacy. Each duplex has it’s own separate entrance and private sitting porch. Optional patio doors are available off of the living room to allow for the use of an outdoor patio.

This design can be easily extended to as many units as desired without sacrificing the exterior appearance and privacy features. Stackable washer dryers and linen closet are positioned in the bathroom area.

Customizable options are also available